Things I am Keeping My Eyes On

The last couple of days have seen some great releases in the gaming sector.  I wanted to pass a few of them along on the blog.

First off, the new Warhammer Fantasy Battles rule book is out and the reviews around here are all good. But what has me the most excited is the new miniatures in the box set.- "The Island of Blood"  Stahly at his Paint Station has some pictures of the skaven, here.
Warseer and BoLs have plenty of pictures of the High Elves.
My only dilemma is what army do collect first- High Elves, Skaven, or Bretonnians (I have models for each!).

The latest Forge World Newsletter suggest that pre-Heresy marines are on the way!  BoLS posted a small article on them, here. This would be grand indeed, since I'll need plenty of pre-Heresy models for Adepticon 2011!

Moving away from GW just a touch is some news in the 40K RPG sector from Fantasy Flight Games.
There are lots of RT supplements coming out in the next year, Battlefleet Koronus and the Ork Trilogy look very awesome: link here

For you Malifaux fans, the GenCon 2010 models have been released as well as something called TerraClips Terrain. These awesome pieces look to be made from thick cardboard, but its hard to tell from the press release. Needless to say, I'll be checking them out during GenCon this year. Link.

Lastly, board games. If you like Horror or Lovecraft, or anything of the like you must get a chance to play Arkham Horror. Its a great co-op game that we have been playing for a few years now. FFG is releasing a new expansion with a lot of new rules for everyone to enjoy. The new Gate markers and Relationship cards look to add a ton of new depth to an already deep game. Link.

And one more thing ... Cadwallon returns, this time as a board game with FFG. For those not familar with the setting, it was the RPG setting for Confrontation miniature game (back when Confrontation was awesome).  The PRG looked to have real promise, but died a quick death under the watch of the French (insert easy joke here).  I hope to get a demo of the game at GenCon... and probably pick up a copy. Link.

So there you go... a couple of things to look forward to this summer.

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  1. Looks like some cool things are still left to come out this summer. For purely selfish reasons I vote against Bretonnians as you would inevitably make my own Brets look pitiful in comparison. Haven't you painted some Skaven stuff sort of recently? If so, then I say go with the ratmen.

  2. OH.. and new High Elves coming out this fall!! :)

    JJ- I have half a Bret army painted. With the new rules, I'd probably need more peasants than I had before... so it only goes to reason that I'd use the Army Painter/Dipping method to paint lots of foot troops. :) We shall see.
    I have someone local that is interested in selling me his High Elves, so who knows where we will be in that arena soon (especially with the new plastics release and the new box set).
    My house was flooded with Skaven at one time, but some nice man in Canada really wanted them (and paid good money for them). The new models are calling my name very loudly... with the new box set its going to be tough to resist the call of the plague lords!

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