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I present to you Abrihim von Hammerschpeilt:

First off, using some of the techniques learned from this years Adepticon, I created a few bases made from Sculpey, which is a cheap oven baked clay. Once prepped and baked, I simply attached it to a base and carved out some stones for my Mordheim priest. If you want, I'll present a further tutorial sometime.

Scenic Bases

My thanks to the Wappel's, for being simply awesome in showing us this simple and cheap way to create a base. You guys rock!!

Lastly I attached my Warrior Priest to the base and viola. Probably my coolest base and model to date, and best of all no sand, no headache with glueing crap to the base. That being said, the base would probably benefit from some static grass or other 'old' looking stuff.

I took Jason's idea for naming my figure and I now present to you: Abrihim von Hammerschpeilt- defender of the Empire, Priest to all Warpstone Hunters, and Slayer of the Dark.

Abrihim von Hammerschpeilt

Abrihim von Hammerschpeilt

I am still working on my Vendettas.. and I bought some oil paints today in preparation for doing some weathering. More updates and possible epic failure to come.......

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  1. Those bases turned out really well, I'm very impressed. Definitely a good match for a Warrior Priest with such an awesome name! I'm glad to know the bases were easy to make, especially considering you got such cool results. I assumed it would be a more laborious process and so earlier this week ordered a bunch of resin bases with almost the same style pattern. Oh well, that's what I get for being lazy.

  2. Lol- those bases you ordered. I just copied them when carving out on the clay! :0
    I felt bad for a second with just brutal plagiarism- but then again it is just brinks isn't it?

    Still the painting will be the same, and that part was much quicker than making the base. I'll start working on the rest of the warband to place on that style base in the next week.

    Thanks for the help with the name. I have a feeling that Abrihim will be a bad ass in combat and inspire his warband to great new heights!

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