Witch Hunters

No, not the Sisters of Battle. Though I do have some of those sitting around here somewhere....
Anyway back on target!

A few of my friends here in St Louis are wanting to get together and play some Mordhiem. Its a perfect reason to get my old Witch Hunters warband out. During that time, I noticed that some elements of the warband never was completed the last time I played (probably two or three years ago!). Well that just wouldn't do. So here is the new-ish GW priest, a perfect fit for the adventurers in Mordheim.

Witch Hunter Priest

Witch Hunter Priest

If I was one of those cool gamers- I'd already have a name for this guy (not to mention the entire warband!). However, I spend most of my painting time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. This time around, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter occupied my time, instead of coming up with cool names for a little metal guy. Who knew that ole' Honest Abe was a kick ass vampire hunter. I've always had my suspicions... now I know for sure!

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  1. Awesome Mini! I am jealous =/

  2. Sweet looking priest and definitely a good fit for Mordheim. (And by the way, now I'm even more envious of your gaming group.) Good luck with the treasure hunting! My brother-in-law gave me a copy of that Abraham Lincoln book for my birthday, looks like a fun read. Why not name your priest after a character from the book, something like "Abrahamm von Hammerschpeilt."

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