The Heresy Begins...

I've really enjoyed the process of putting together a Heresy Era army. The new models are fantastic of course. But the real joy is trying to put together models that were meant to kill xenos but are now forced to slay other battle brothers. Hordes of bolters, the new volkite charges, missile launchers, these are all weapons that can kill even the mightiest of marines (with a bit of luck).
The terminators, while being an excellent kit from Forge World, still have the problems of terminators. Armed with low initiative weapons, they killed only when they were allowed to strike. Which, sadly, wasn't that often. But who cares, the models are just awesome.
One thing that people commonly were asking about was how well the brass etch worked on the new style models. If you aren't used to brass etch, it can be a little tricky to get off of the sprue and onto the model. But once there, it catches detail amazingly well and can turn a standard guard basilisk into a machine of the Death Guard.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, it was fun standing the legion up again to shoot some shots! Scroll down for lots of pictures.

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