Dark Angels Chaplain Terminator

Greetings gang. I hope that by now everyone is knee deep into sixth edition Warhammer 40K and is loving it as much as I do. With the rumors starting to get more and more firm on Dark Angels as the next codex after Chaos Space Marines, I figured it was time to show off some models done earlier this year.

As you may remember, our Adepticon team tournament this year featured Dark Angels in all of their special forms. I was tasked with painting up several of the terminators for the army.

This particular model showed up assemebled and the base already done with the owners bits attached. Since the armor was going to be fairly bland with the typical black scheme, I wanted the large pieces on the base to attract the eye, and tie into the casing on the combi-melta. 

The greens were mostly done with glazes after painting a very light and bright green as the base coat. This is once of the first models I used this technique to good effect, and on such a large portion of the finished product. 

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