Wait, where is the 40K?

Its ok to call off the man hunt- I'm still here, and there is nothing to be overly concerned about.  The truth is that I've been taking some down time with painting. At least painting 40K that is. Now don't try reading too much into this, but its more that that I have a large box of other party single miniatures that I've been picking for the for the last couple of years. In fact, my future painting log looks to be full of single models and not full 40K armies. Don't fret PappaJJ- you're orcs and goblins are still on top of the work list. Well, after I finish this here one model!

Last year at GenCon Indy, I found the Studio McVey models for the first time. The Lt. Kara Black from the now forthcoming Sedition Wars range immediately caught my eye. There is so much to love about this model- the pose, the guns, the extras, and the incredible resin cast. So here she is, my first run of really taking some time on an individual model. There are still several places that aren't started, and a few that need more work, its definitely WiP. I hope to start on the base this week and finally be finished soon. Perhaps when I go to GenCon this year, I'll throw it into the painting contest...

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  1. That's a cool miniature, I'm sure it turned out really well... can't wait to see some photos of the finished model.. Have fun at GenCon! Are you hosting any events/games this year? Take lots of pictures too and post 'em up. I hope you have good time!

    Then it's back to the salt mines for you! Paint my Orcs, dammit!!

    Joking... kinda. :)

    Take care, DrG!

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