Goblins are Done!

Things have been silent a bit around here for a couple of reasons.  I was waiting for a WarStore order that continue the Scenic Snow to arrive and for some new lights (from Target of course) for the light box. So in other words, I've been lazy. :)

The snow/mountain effect of the snow was fun to do, and it was the first time I've done this. Being unsure the 'best' way to proceed, I took my cues from Mr. Justine at Secret Weapon Miniatures Tutorial.

I ended up doing the 'wet snow' technique to represent the horde of orcs marching over the snow, causing it to melt a bit underneath. Making wet snow is easy- place Realistic Water and then douse with the fake snow. I put some 'fresh' snow on top, using a PVA glue/snow mix to add some variety to the consistency of the snow.

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