Working on Night Goblins

After pushing the oversized orc boys off a cliff, I moved to the Night Goblins. These models are more like it!  Only a couple of pieces of beautifully carved plastic that fit well within their bases. Nice work Games Workshop.

The paint scheme/method was going to be a bit different than your typical paint job. One of the things that I need to be able to do is to produce a good (or better) table-top quality army without spending most of my life doing it. 

So the model gets base coats all around then highlighted pretty aggressively. More aggressively than you might think. The first pass looks pretty weird- no shadows, lots of messy highlights. But then you start throwing inks, washes, and other shadows on top of the model and viola! You get some pretty nice looking models without spending tons of hours on the models. 

This is my variation on the methods taught on the Miniature Mentor Website and the Wapple's class this year at Adepticon. A couple of things to note. The main thing is that you need to highlight more than you think. A whole lot more. In fact it should look like "peptobismol"  according to Jim Wapple. This is something I'll do more as I start working on the front ranks. The other thing is that you'll loose some of the highlight along the way and you'll have to go back and redo some of the areas. It will help bring out the pop more. Lastly, black sucks. No easy way to do it and I'm glad the main units of orcs don't wear black robes. I should have chosen purple or something!

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